Our Vocational Rehabilitation Services are only provided to individuals who have been found eligible for state Vocational Rehabilitation funding and services.

PLEASE NOTE: Workforce Ready, LLC is not able to determine eligibility as it is a State program.

In order to determine if you are eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services in your state, head to your official government website and search for your states VR requirements.

If you reside in New Hampshire click here to see if you are eligible.

The services provided by state agencies include, but are not limited to, career counseling, job development, education, and job training. Workforce Ready, LLC provides job placement and training services for those individuals referred from these state agencies.

Vocational Rehabilitation is time-limited and focused on job placement and training, not long-term support. However this does not mean that someone who requires long-term support will not be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation funding and services. It means that in order to achieve long-term success on the job they will need Supported Employment funding once Vocational Rehabilitation has closed their case.

For those individuals requiring Vocational Rehabilitation services, Workforce Ready, LLC, can provide the following:

  • Confirmation of Job Goal

  • Preparation for Job Search

  • Obtaining a Job

  • Retaining Employment

  • Achieving Plan Goals

Work with your state government to determine your eligibility and begin taking advantage of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. We look forward to working with you!