Resume Revisions & Proofreading

Resume Revisions & Proofreading


Submit to us your current resume and we will proofread and revise to ensure it is as strong as it can be and up to current standard. 


    In the unlikely event that you are completely unsatisfied with your resume, and have allowed your career counselor to try and revise the resume to meet your requirements, you may contact us to initiate a refund. If you contact us within 7 days of delivery of the resume for a refund, you are eligible for 100% of your payment. After 7 days, you may request a refund within 30 days to recieve 50% of your payment. After the 30 days, we are unable to refund your payment. 


    Submit your current resume to us and we will proofread for errors and make revisions that ensure your resume it up to standard. 

    We will esnure that you are effectively demonstrating your skills to be appealing to hiring managers. We can help you fill in the gaps of your resume honestly and appropriately for the job. 

    This service can be tailored to your needs. If there are certain areas of your resume that you need most help with, we can focus our attention there.