She Lied on Her Resume to Land a Government Job, Now She'll Spend at Least a Year in Jail


An Australian women has come under fire after it was discovered that she faked her resume to land a government job. Her resume consisted of false education and employment history, as well as, a fake reference, whom was actually the Australian impersonating a make-believe person.

The Australian women has now been sentenced to 25 months in jail - 12 without parole, after she pleaded guilty to deception, dishonesty dealing with documentation, and abuse of public office. She learned quickly why it is never a good idea to lie on your resume, as it puts your entire career, and sometimes even your freedom, in jeopardy.


In the short term, it may be tempting to lie on your resume. In the long term, it is ALWAYS a bad idea; and what we are here to tell you today is that there are honest ways to fill in the gaps on your resume.

We can understand how tempting it is when you come across a job that you think you would love only to discover that there are a few requirements that you don't think you can meet. It's only human nature to want to fudge a little on your resume to suggest that you have those skills.

However, in this day and age when all it takes is an email to previous employers or your educational institute to debunk your 'fudgery', lying on you resume is not worth the consequences. Instead of faking skills or experiences, you should fill in your gap areas honestly.

For example, if you took a year off of full time work to take care of your ill grandmother don't try and extend your time at your previous employer to cover the gap. Instead you can fill the gap with non-full time work you did such as; volunteer work, freelancing, part-time jobs, or contract based employment.

If you still feel as though your employment history section is still looking a little thin, try moving your educational experience, skills, and objectives to the top of your resume. That way, the first thing the recruiter or hiring manager sees is what you can do, not what you've done and when you did it.

Don't let the gaps in your resume get to you. The thing is, almost everyone has had to fill gaps on their resume one time or another. These gaps don't mean you're not a good worker or not capable of the job you want. It just means that you have to be a little more creative when building out your resume in order to honestly fill in the gaps.

If you still feel stuck, like you can't fill in the gaps without fudging it, please let Workforce Ready, LLC help you. Workforce Ready, LLC has the knowledge and skills to build you a unique, creative, and all-encompassing resume that can highlight your skills and experiences while filling in the gaps honestly. Sometimes highlighting your own skills and achievements can be hard. Leave it to Workforce Ready, LLC to showcase all that you have to offer.

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